Pleasure Is Your Birthright!

Are you not having the sex that you want? Are you feeling unconnected in your sexual relationships? Experiencing sexual problems that leave you feeling embarrassed and unwanted? Do you feel like the sex and intimacy is waining in your relationship? Do you feel stuck and unsure how to get over this hurdle? We all deserve to have amazing, connected, earth shattering sex and pleasure in our relationships! Unfortunately, many of us are blocked and left feeling unsatisfied and isolated in our relationships. The reason for this may be complex, including unresolved childhood trauma, a lack of connection to our desires and issues with communication and confidence. This guide is a first step in regaining that pleasure for your and your partner.

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    • The Art of Sustainable Pleasure

Take The Next Step W/ The "Pleasure Agenda"!

Our 2021 Intimacy planner, is a great companion that guides you and your partner through weekly and monthly activities and prompts for deeper connection and self-reflection on navigating and exploring the truest form of yourself and greatest desires - 197 page spiral notebook with monthly, weekly, and daily calendar views, ruled line paper as a companion for journaling or keeping up with everyday life. Durable, printed cover.

Tools For The Journey

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